See, I really enjoy making things. I love figuring out how to turn a crazy idea I had on a bus into a working thing that I can impress my only 2 friends with enjoy and use. But I have a problem: I never seem to finish anything!

Some of the projects that I stared working on but are now just boxes of parts collecting dust in my closet include: a motorized pan&tilt camera head for gigapanos, a fully modular 3D printer / laser cutter / CNC engraver, a (motorized) camera slider, a HAM radio answering machine, a universal high-speed camera trigger, a log-distance data connection over laser beams
There’s also the Renault 5 that was supposed to be all computerized and open-source, but that isn’t in my closet. It’s in a junkyard. Because I was too slow.

But I think I might’ve found my problem:

*hours and hours of measurement and calculation*

“Ok, let’s do this!”

*a single resistor blows*

“Well, I guess I’m just incompetent”

me, during every single project ever

So, how do I fix this? My theory is that if I force myself to write about it, I will think about it more and thus screw up less. And writing “articles” makes me feel all “professional” or whatever, which also helps…